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Other Services

Capital Garden hotel has full-service modern utility needs to live, work and relax of all customers.

  • Business Center
  • Business Center is a comfortable work space with full equipment such as computer, printer providing photocopy, typing, color printing, translation service that helps Customers work easily, conveniently and fast in the hotel.
  • Fitness Center
  • Fitness Center locates on 2nd floor with full modern and specialized equipment and machines that helps customers increase stamina and relaxing to have a healthy body, a good spirits.
  • Transportation
  • Transportation service with luxury 4-seat, 7-seat, 12-seat car helps customers have relax time when traveling. Driver is careful and professional whom transfer to take place as required by customers.
  • Shuttle bus
  • Shuttle bus transports customers free to visit Hanoi ancient streets in weekends. With this service, the hotel will take customers in ancient streets within fixed 1 hour in day in order that customers can visit 36 Hanoi ancient streets. In afternoon, Shuttle bus will take customers back to the hotel.
  • Tour information
  • Tour information counter will update customers the latest useful information of abroad and domestic tour packages with preferential rates that helps customers easily choose the most suitable tour for themself and family.

Customers call Capital Garden hotel as “Versatile Home” with full utilities, creating a comfortable and relaxing life.

Other Services

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